2020 is finally here !!  With the New Year I wanted to start a new chapter and share with the world what its like to now be a mama to a 18 month old boy and pregnant, due June 2020!!  Originally growing up in the Seattle area I always craved a simple, slower pace of life.  My husband and I moved over to the eastern WA in the summer of 2017.  I was jobless for the first time in my life but was determined to find a solution over on this side of the state.  No risk, no reward was my motto at the time.  Shortly after moving to the Eastside of WA I suffered my second miscarriage.  I went to several doctors and the conclusion was unknown I had just turned 34.  I was always focused on my career up until this point in my life and having children wasn’t my focus until we moved.  I was determined to understand more at the time as I was truly devastated.  I decided to look into a fertility clinic for further education, however they were months booked out.

After 2 months of waiting to get into the appointment I had a strange feeling I could possibly be pregnant just with how I was feeling,….so I took a test.  I was in disbelief however with my previous struggles of fertility I still wanted to get some understanding.  When I went into the appointment I had mentioned I thought I was pregnant however I was scared as this was only 2 months since my last miscarriage. They were able to confirm at this appointment that I was in fact pregnant and suffered from a a thyroid condition called hypothyroidism.  My son was born in July 2018 and here I am a mama of one with another on the way!  I wanted to start this blog to open up about my life, learn from other people and share with others my experiences.

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About Me

My name is Lindsey, originally from the Seattle, WA area (born and raised).  I grew up eldest of 3 girls in a suburb of the Seattle area on the Eastside.  I have worked since I was 11 years old, often babysitting and trying to find ways to make money on my own.   I always wanted financial independence from my parents and strived to find different ways to earn a living while continuing my education post high-school.  

  Continuing my post high school education was important to me and my future but I also craved the independence of working as well.  I soon came across an opportunity with a telecommunications company and quickly learned they payed for college education, books etc.  This was a huge huge benefit for me and I couldn’t pass this opportunity up as I would have the best of both worlds (financial independence and continuing school at the same time).  I worked for various roles within this company for 13 great years and was able to complete my bachelors degree. I also met my best friend, now husband at this company and got married in 2011.  In early 2017 my husband left his long time career in telecommunications and found a job opportunity in Eastern WA (we both yearned for a much simpler pace of life than the life we both had growing up on the Eastside of Seattle, WA.)  By summer of 2017 I decided to take a huge risk and move to Eastern WA and leave it all behind, jobless and all!  As scary as this all was (as I had never not had a job for as long as I could remember) I was ready for the next chapter and challenges this brought to my life.  I knew that in life if you don’t take risks there is no room for growth & happiness. By 2018 my son was born and it changed my world forever in the best way possible.

RANDOM Facts about Lindsey;

  • I have a love for animals which is my reasoning for more space/privacy in Eastern, WA- I have 5 chickens and a toy poodle named Ava (i hope to continue expanding this in the future)
  • I love love motocross, being outside and own a dirt bike- however struggle to find the time to do this now that I am a mommy
  • Hiking & being by the ocean is my Happy Place 🙂
  • I am a Virgo and Astrology fascinates me
  • I can be a bit of a control freak and it drives my husband insane at times
  • Mexico is my favorite place on earth, I love traveling and learning new things about different places and cultures
  • Meditation is part of my daily routine and keeps me grounded
  • Gardening keeps me in a state of calm, great way to combine meditation & my love for nature but I have soo much to learn from people
  • I started to redo old furniture on the side to keep myself busy while I stayed home with my son
  • Love the Seattle Seahawks/football & basketball ( I wish the Seattle Supersonics would come back !!!)


Feel free to contact me at anytime. I would love to hear you 🙂