? Genetic Testing?

Everything was great until I went in for my genetic testing at 24 weeks. I didn’t know if genetic testing was the right thing at the time as I knew in my heart that it wouldn’t change my mind on having the baby. I felt pressure from all the Dr’s so I decided to go with it and went ahead with the testing. I had absolutely NO idea I would be going to the hospital to have this testing done, lack of research on my part. The day of the testing I had my husband meet me at the hospital. When we went in to the appointment the first hour felt like a total sales pitch to me. The lady that had assisted my husband and I was extremely nice however I just didn’t anticipate a complete walk through of my family tree. Next after this was the 1.5 hour ultra sound, at this point the appointment was almost at 3 hours and I was getting very scared. Was there something wrong and that is why it was taking so long…I was confused? They asked me if I wanted to do the amniocentesis test, which I had declined early on. (Based on the limited research I did do before going into this test I found that there was a small 1% chance that this test could cause a miscarriage. After going through 2 previous miscarriages it wasn’t something I wanted to have done.) After the ultra sound was completed they had me wait in a room for the Dr to give me their estimated results based on ultra sound alone. (this was the first time I would actually see the Dr during this entire process) 

  I was more scared than I ever had been at this point in this pregnancy process. When the Dr came they told me since I didn’t do all the testing they recommended they would only be able to give an estimate of the results. The only thing they saw as abnormal was a ripple in the placenta. They advised me to have the OBGYN watch this closely as it can cause a lack of nutrients to the fetus. What had a I gotten myself into is the first thing I was asking myself, is this normal procedures to go through this?? I had so many questions at this point. I also knew there wouldn’t be any answers until the baby was born. Mentally I feel this experience sent me into a tailspin however I realize for some this may be helpful. I felt like this experience for me personally caused more concern than gave me clarity but I also realized being positive throughout the remainder of my pregnancy was best for both me and the baby. In the end I had a healthy baby boy 8LB 14oz, no issues what so ever with the placenta.  I remember once my son was born asking the Dr to please check the placenta as I was soo curious ALL throughout the pregnancy what was really the issue with my placenta. 

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