Making Money During Naptime

Becoming a new mom can bring a lot of new changes in one’s life.  Coming from a full-time career in Sales I never realized how little time there is in one day while balancing being a mama.  I have always enjoyed my financial independence and wanted to figure out ways I could bring something to the table for my family while balancing being a mom.  

   I started brainstorming a couple years back on how I could make money while still juggling mom life.  Flipping furniture popped in my head so I started to hunt down items through Offer Up, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and Estate/garage sales.  I started collecting furniture pieces that needed some TLC.  The most important part was keeping my costs low during the acquisition phase.  At this point I had very little direction until I found a local antique shop that was offering classes on refinishing furniture with CHALK paint.  This class was an Annie Sloan Chalk paint class that walked you through step by step on how to make discarded or unwanted furniture into a piece of art.   Here is the basics of what I learned during this class;

  1.  Clean wood furniture thoroughly, I personally use CrudCutter to clean mine.  It’s just important that you get any residue off of the furniture and make sure you are down to just the existing paint or wood.

  2.  Light sanding and filling in any cracks or imperfections that you don’t want to be part of your finished product.  It is important to know what final look you are going for.  If you want your furniture to have the distressed look sometimes it is best to leave your furniture with the imperfections.

   3.  Choosing 1 or two colors, this is based on if you want another color to show through or the wood to show through when distressing.

   4.  Apply thin coat of chalk paint, repeat 1-3 times (lightly sanding in between).

   5.  Distress areas that you want.  One thing they spoke about in the class is visualize the places where furniture would wear overtime. (edges, corners and legs- high spots)

   6.  Than apply either a Clear or Dark wax depending on your desired final look.

After the class I dove into this head first.  Throughout my time restoring furniture over the last 3 years these are the things I found most important being profitable while refinishing furniture.               

Buy furniture as LOW as possible, bargain bargain bargain!!

Watch the FREE section

Go to garage sales on Sundays when people are trying to get rid of the furniture

Throw LOW ball offers on OfferUp and Craigslist….whats the worst someone can say, NO! ( I think I’ve only offended a Few people with my Offers)

Remember hardware is expensive, so try to find things that aren’t missing knobs, handles that you can refinish

Look for water damage, press board backing- these things add too much time to your restoration project or undesirable final product for your potential clients

Choosing the right paint, keep color choices somewhat neutral.  Remember you are making this product for the general product not your own personal taste (I will have another post later going over my experience with different brands of chalk paints- once it’s up I will attach the link here)

  Again keeping costs low is KEY to success with refinishing furniture.

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