Making Money During Naptime

Becoming a new mom can bring a lot of new changes in one’s life.  Coming from a full-time career in Sales I never realized how little time there is in one day while balancing being a mama.  I have always enjoyed my financial independence and wanted to figure out ways I could bring something to the table for my family while balancing being a mom.  

   I started brainstorming a couple years back on how I could make money while still juggling mom life.  Flipping furniture popped in my head so I started to hunt down items through Offer Up, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and Estate/garage sales.  I started collecting furniture pieces that needed some TLC.  The most important part was keeping my costs low during the acquisition phase.  At this point I had very little direction until I found a local antique shop that was offering classes on refinishing furniture with CHALK paint.  This class was an Annie Sloan Chalk paint class that walked you through step by step on how to make discarded or unwanted furniture into a piece of art.   Here is the basics of what I learned during this class;

  1.  Clean wood furniture thoroughly, I personally use CrudCutter to clean mine.  It’s just important that you get any residue off of the furniture and make sure you are down to just the existing paint or wood.

  2.  Light sanding and filling in any cracks or imperfections that you don’t want to be part of your finished product.  It is important to know what final look you are going for.  If you want your furniture to have the distressed look sometimes it is best to leave your furniture with the imperfections.

   3.  Choosing 1 or two colors, this is based on if you want another color to show through or the wood to show through when distressing.

   4.  Apply thin coat of chalk paint, repeat 1-3 times (lightly sanding in between).

   5.  Distress areas that you want.  One thing they spoke about in the class is visualize the places where furniture would wear overtime. (edges, corners and legs- high spots)

   6.  Than apply either a Clear or Dark wax depending on your desired final look.

After the class I dove into this head first.  Throughout my time restoring furniture over the last 3 years these are the things I found most important being profitable while refinishing furniture.               

Buy furniture as LOW as possible, bargain bargain bargain!!

Watch the FREE section

Go to garage sales on Sundays when people are trying to get rid of the furniture

Throw LOW ball offers on OfferUp and Craigslist….whats the worst someone can say, NO! ( I think I’ve only offended a Few people with my Offers)

Remember hardware is expensive, so try to find things that aren’t missing knobs, handles that you can refinish

Look for water damage, press board backing- these things add too much time to your restoration project or undesirable final product for your potential clients

Choosing the right paint, keep color choices somewhat neutral.  Remember you are making this product for the general product not your own personal taste (I will have another post later going over my experience with different brands of chalk paints- once it’s up I will attach the link here)

  Again keeping costs low is KEY to success with refinishing furniture.

Allergies & Asthma

Having grown up with asthma and allergies by 6 months of age my biggest fear is that I would pass this onto my child.  I never developed food allergies myself until my late twenties but in the beginning Dr appointments with my son I found myself anxious and digging into what signs I should be looking for.  My sons pediatrician would always assure me that I would be seeing much bigger signs when it came to asthma but it could develop anytime if it was going to. 

Common Signs/Triggers Of Asthma with Toddlers;

  • Less energy during playtime
  • Frequent coughing spells during exercise or at nighttime
  • Rapid Breathing, shortness or loss of breath
  • Wheezing
  • Feeling weak or tired
  • Allergens
  • Exercise and Stress
  • Airway infections
  • Irritants such as smoke, chemicals, cold air and air pollution

Allergies weren’t much of a concern since I knew my husband had never had any allergies and mine only consisted of walnuts, figs, pecans and hazelnuts.  My reaction isn’t a serve one, just mild throat swelling and can usually be controlled with a Benadryl.

  It wasn’t until my son turned 5 months that I became eager to experiment with some scrambled eggs that I was eating for breakfast.  My husband, son and I had all gone out of town to a remote town in northern Idaho.  It didn’t even cross my mind that egg allergies are much more common than one would think.  I remember giving my curious son a tiny bite of my scrambled egg, which he only put on his tongue and than spit it back out.  Within minutes of letting him try the egg he started to get blotchy red patches and began to develop hives on his upper back and face.  I immediately went into panic mode, thinking I had just made a HUGE mistake.  My sons Dr’s office was closed, luckily I had a friend with me who’s sister in law was a pediatrician. She immediately called to see if I needed to rush him into the ER but based on his symptoms she said Children’s Benadryl would be sufficient and to keep a close watch on his symptoms.  My husband luckily was able to get some Children’s Benadryl at the local store nearby and I gave him this immediately with the dosages she suggested due to him being younger than the boxes instruction. (I have included a infant dosage chart below)  Within about 5 minutes his symptoms started to go away and I was in a state of relief.

  After that weekend I decided to take him into the Drs office to get him checked.  The Dr advised me to wait on eggs until he grew older. Fast forward to my son at 11 months and he was eating scrambled eggs, quiche, muffins made with eggs no problem.  

  It wasn’t until he was about 14 months old the symptoms started to show back up.  My first thought was maybe it was the difference between store bought eggs and my own chickens eggs.  With trial and error I soon realized this was not the case, allergies would happen no matter what.  On top of egg allergies I started to see a mild allergy with his skin when I would feed him peanut butter, to which he never had an issue with this before.  The peanut allergy symptoms were only red blotchy skin no hives but I knew I needed to go see the Dr again to get more information.  The Dr immediately referred me to a blood test at the local hospital and results did show mild peanut allergy plus an allergy to egg whites.  After seeing these results he wanted me to take him to an asthma/allergy clinic to get skin allergy testing.  The appointments were at least 2 months booked out so we waited.  I knew I had to cut scrambled eggs completely out at this point but he was still able to eat things cooked with egg; pancakes, muffins and zucchini bread.  Instead of peanut butter I substituted almond butter and sunflower butter, which he seemed to still enjoy.  

  Once we got into the asthma/allergy testing we explained what we had done going up to this point. The Dr told us he had read a lot recently about cooking eggs in things which can build kids tolerances up with allergies but wanted to test to confirm that this was the case with our son.  Tests results did show that he had outgrown his peanut allergy and the egg allergy was so mild he wanted to do a “in clinic” egg challenge.  This would be a appointment where we would slowly and safely introduce scrambled eggs again and see what happens under the supervision of his staff over several hours.  He came out successful in this challenge and was cleared to eat ALL eggs again 🙂  With food allergies you just never know and I will always carry Childrens Benadryl in his diaper bag as you just never know when your body wants to start rejecting something or maybe something they have never been introduced to before. This has also come in handy with friends that have not previously had the experience we did.

Since I originally wrote this post I just received a bill from the Asthma and Allergy Dr. $350+ to sit in a room and feed our kid scrambled eggs that we brought in. If I had to do this over again my husband and I would sit in a hospital parking lot and do it ourselves!!!!

Benadryl Dosing Chart

DIPHENHYDRAMINE (Brand Name: Benadryl)
For infants 6 months or older only**
Benadryl is an antihistamine, so it can be used for allergic reactions and allergies. It can be given every 6 hours. Benadryl comes in Children’s liquid suspension, Children’s Chewable tablets, Children’s Meltaway strips or adult tablets. 

**DO NOT give benadryl to a child younger than 2 years unless advised by your physician

? Genetic Testing?

Everything was great until I went in for my genetic testing at 24 weeks. I didn’t know if genetic testing was the right thing at the time as I knew in my heart that it wouldn’t change my mind on having the baby. I felt pressure from all the Dr’s so I decided to go with it and went ahead with the testing. I had absolutely NO idea I would be going to the hospital to have this testing done, lack of research on my part. The day of the testing I had my husband meet me at the hospital. When we went in to the appointment the first hour felt like a total sales pitch to me. The lady that had assisted my husband and I was extremely nice however I just didn’t anticipate a complete walk through of my family tree. Next after this was the 1.5 hour ultra sound, at this point the appointment was almost at 3 hours and I was getting very scared. Was there something wrong and that is why it was taking so long…I was confused? They asked me if I wanted to do the amniocentesis test, which I had declined early on. (Based on the limited research I did do before going into this test I found that there was a small 1% chance that this test could cause a miscarriage. After going through 2 previous miscarriages it wasn’t something I wanted to have done.) After the ultra sound was completed they had me wait in a room for the Dr to give me their estimated results based on ultra sound alone. (this was the first time I would actually see the Dr during this entire process) 

  I was more scared than I ever had been at this point in this pregnancy process. When the Dr came they told me since I didn’t do all the testing they recommended they would only be able to give an estimate of the results. The only thing they saw as abnormal was a ripple in the placenta. They advised me to have the OBGYN watch this closely as it can cause a lack of nutrients to the fetus. What had a I gotten myself into is the first thing I was asking myself, is this normal procedures to go through this?? I had so many questions at this point. I also knew there wouldn’t be any answers until the baby was born. Mentally I feel this experience sent me into a tailspin however I realize for some this may be helpful. I felt like this experience for me personally caused more concern than gave me clarity but I also realized being positive throughout the remainder of my pregnancy was best for both me and the baby. In the end I had a healthy baby boy 8LB 14oz, no issues what so ever with the placenta.  I remember once my son was born asking the Dr to please check the placenta as I was soo curious ALL throughout the pregnancy what was really the issue with my placenta. 

Acid Reflux is REAL during pregnancy

When I found out I was pregnant November of 2017 shortly after I had a miscarriage, I was so excited, scared and ready for this new chapter of my life to begin…but let’s be honest I had no idea what the future had in store for me. Not knowing what to expect I first downloaded two different pregnancy apps on my phone. The first app was called “What to Expect” and the other app was called “BabyCenter.” With “What to Expect” I was included in a July 2018 blog which was nice as it grouped with other mothers going through similar things at the same point in our pregnancy. This covered literally every topic you can think of plus much much more…not sure if its necessarily a good thing but it let me know that I wasn’t alone during this period. Reaching out to a close family member of mine and good friends that were either pregnant or had been through it was also a huge ASSET for me during this period. I was also given a book from my OBGYN called, “Your Pregnancy & Childbirth, month to month”. All very insightful information on top of the occasional “google” search on my mobile phone. (sometimes a scary rabbit hole).

I remember at about 8 weeks along I was extremely tired, nauseas but the worst symptoms for me was the acid reflux. Yes in the past I had taken the occasional Tums but this acid reflux was on a completely different level. I resorted to all the resources I listed above, reaching out to other mothers and talking to friends, trying to find anyone who’s experienced the horror I was going through. I remember vegetables and the idea of eating any kind of meat just sounded disgusting, the thought made me nauseous. Normally I am a relatively healthy eater so this was a tough thing to come to terms with….I just couldn’t fathom eating either of those things. I definitely found it important to eat as healthy as I possibly could not just for my health but the health of my unborn child. My go to’s during this period consisted of DGL Ultra (extra strength Digestive Relief) German chocolate flavored tablets- in my opinion these work much better than TUMS (available on Amazon), eating smaller means throughout the day, boiling ginger with hot water-drinking as a tea and Banana Nut almond milk shakes with flaxseeds. Yes I ate other things but I feel when all else failed these things could get me through including drinking lots of water. Fast forward to the present I am having the SAME exact symptoms with baby #2 but I feel the acid reflux is worse this time around….but mentally I feel more prepared this go around with how to handle it day to day.

*Flaxseed BANANA Nut ALMOND Milk Shakes*

  • 1 Banana Peeled
  • Handful of Flaxseeds
  • 1 Cup Ice Cubes
  • 1/2 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • A spoonful of Almond Butter (peanut works as well)
  • 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla
  • Blend well & enjoy